Secret Identities

Faster than the latest processor.

More powerful than an internet paradigm shift.

Able to leap browser incompatibilities in a single bound.


Disguised as Mild Mannered Internet Technologist Taylor, Captain Cursor fights a never ending battle for truth, justice, and reliable internet standards. During a freak accident involving runaway javascript code, downloadable fonts, and a bright orange cover of Wired magazine mild mannered Taylor was transformed into the Orange Terror, Captain Cursor.

Captain Cursor now maintains this double identity, Internet Super Hero by night, but by day he disguises himself as a freelance technologist so as to better find trouble spots online. Whether it happens to be the evil Dr. Javascript, Professor Plugin, or any of the other nefarious supervillians that plague web developers across the globe Captain Cursor is there to help fight the menace. Using his awesome powers of technology Captain Cursor is there.

While Captain Cursor constantly patrols cyberspace on the lookout for trouble, there are a number of projects that set his cursor senses a tingling. Captain Cursor (and by extension his alter-ego Mild Mannered Technologist Taylor) is an expert at Javascript and DHTML (Netscape, IE, and the mythical W3C flavors), he is also fluent in the Apache server and related scripting technologies(Perl, PHP3), as well as all forms of cutting edge client side technologies such as CSS, XML, and the various browser specific extension of these. The Captain is also a big fan of multimedia and is quite comfortable using the standard tools to produce it such as Flash, Director, Quicktime, Photoshop. And it should be needless to say, but the Captain can code his own HTML.

Aside from the raw skills that the Captain posses he has a keen interest in digital storytelling (a holdover from his life before the freak accident that changed him into the Orange Terror), user interface, web teaching, communication between design and technology, and production process (specifically authoring Dreamweaver extensions). The Captain also has a keen interest in games, both playing them, and creating them.

If you feel that you need Captain Cursor’s services, or the services of his alter-ego, Mild Mannered Technologist Taylor, then don’t hesitate to contact him immediately.